Hillary Surrogates Love Satan, Literally

Satantic mass Democrats
Sign to a Satantic mass in Los Angeles attended by a Hillary Clinton surrogate and posted on Facebook.

Altetha Hnatko Cho is an editor of travel website Citizine and she was a Hillary Clinton surrogate. She’s also an avowed Satan Worshiper who boasts about attending Satanic Black Masses on Facebook.

And Democrats wonder why people are leaving their party in droves.

On the other hand, you could find out where to get a hotel in Thailand from someone who worships Lucifer. That seems like a safe trip.

If You Think the PC MSM Sounds Like Maoists, It’s Because They Are

The new chairman of CNN and PBS, at the same time, once Trump takes office.

The political correctness which has come to embody the empty rhetoric of the Social Justice Warrior began in the 1990s. These predecessors are not only the professors on campuses where Milo Yiannopoulos and other conservative speakers are about to be declared cancer-causing agents, they are also the mainstream media.

These two posts, here and here , are from a blog intended as an internal discussion for an organization for alumni of the left-leaning University of Wisconsin, Madison newspaper at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. It describes a Maoist Putsch at the newspaper in the 1990s where students who were not for revolution against the United States were pushed out of the paper.

Never mind this could also be used later in a lawsuit.

This provides some interesting insight into a time when political correctness and the campus left was not engaged in left-wing fascism lite but actual fascism.

We’re going to be finding out who was actually involved. As best we know at Good Girl Gun Club at this point, one person was Alison Hatschel (actual last name Sansone) who writes for the Huffington Post. What is alarming, in terms of censorship in the United States and also being attached to Maoism proper, a cultural revolution, is she is also the executive director of the new American Writer’s Museum.

William F. Buckley Jr. is an important American writer but conservative. Will he be edited out in a ‘Maoist Putsch’ at the American writers museum because this neo-Maoist is at the helm? David Mamet is one of the most important American playwrights of the 20th Century. Mamet, is an avowed conservative who wrote an article for the Village Voice called “Why I Am No Longer a Brain Dead Liberal.’ Will Mamet be omitted by Hatschel/Sansone because he is conservative? Can she be even trusted with this sort of background?

David Mamet father of Zosia Mamet of Lena Dunham’s I’m Fat, I’m An Exhibitionist, A Sibling Molester and I Love Misogynist Men on HBO or soon to be canceled by HBO. The show is actually called Girls but I couldn’t resist the joke.

Why leftists think the internet is a forum for internal discussions, I’ll never know. Anyway, soak these blog posts in and get some evidence that the left media does not like America and has even had plans in the past to commit violence against the country.

We’ve seen the rewards terrorism gets you in the City of Chicago, where the American Writers’ Museum is opening this year. Hopefully, with a cloud over it’s head if conservative journalists do their legwork.

It’s All Your Fault! Liberalism

Yale students cry learning Donald Trump has won the 2016 election

Liberals, Democrats, cannot figure out they have basically become something other than a political party. They have become a giant justification for the problem of spoiled children in the United States who have now become spoiled adults.

When Trump won, they didn’t get what they wanted so instead of being like a sports team who only made it to sectionals and wants to make it to state so they regroup, they pouted, screamed and made up stories.

What was really wonderful for students of history is Democrats revived neoconservative Reagan era myths about Russia which were used to win the cold war only now, Putin isn’t exactly looking to create an empire, just be a pal to newly minted Russsian billionaires. This is today, it reinforced the stupidity which is the modern day Democrat.

Spoiled children blame other for their woes and in a similar fashion, the backlash against John Lewis, the civil rights icon who became a sniveling Hillary sycophant is, according to the New York Times which should be renamed The Spoiled Baby Trustfunder Times, all the fault of Donald Trump. 

John Lewis was already irrelevant and had undermined his own legacy by endorsing a candidate, Hillary Clinton, roundly despised by younger blacks.  The acrimony is so acidic, if you are wondering why Black Lives Matter has been silent on the Department of Justice revelations of police torture in Chicago it is because large segments of Black Lives Matter voted for Trump. Hillary is the person who, to them, incarcerated their fathers for being caught with a joint and then created a slave system in the American prison system which was larger than slavery itself.

John Lewis didn’t need Donald Trump to discredit him, he had done it himself.

Furthermore, the election of Donald Trump was not driven entirely by racism although it would be stupid and false to not acknowledge the problematic and concurrent rise of the likes of neo-Nai Richard Spencer and the contribution of racist sites such as Taki Mag. By the way, the rise of neo-Nazis in the United States is the fault of Barack Obama who did not think anti-Semitism and neo-Naziism, in the words of one of his Obama for America campaign operative Laura Velkei was ‘a big deal.’

Fat ugly cow and Obama operative Laura Velkei who was informed in summer of 2016 there were possible threats to JCCs across the United States and deemed antisemitism was not ‘a big deal’

Velkei is an Obama operative who was first told, in summer of 2016, individuals planning to threaten Jewish Community Centers across the United States and helped suppress articles about the threats using police, the very Los Angles Threat Management Unit which should have been protecting any possible threat and taking it seriously.

Again, the rise in neo-Nazism did not happen because of Trump, it happened because outgoing president Barack Obama ignored terrorist threats of all kinds, much like a parent of a spoiled child ignores the child’s bad behavior then uses their connections to cover things up when the child rapes another student in their high school.

Trump did win on a discussion needing to be had about race, one Americans elected Barack Obama to have but his ‘moderate style’ was finally revealed as someone who pussyfoots around issues. Parents of spoiled children pussyfoot and then rage, blaming teachers, police other children’s parents, when their child does something that destroys their own life.

The conversation about race which needs to be had is about so-called black and Latino self-sabotage. This is actually a self-sabotage which is happening across the lower income brackets in the United States but it is magnified in places like the South Side of Chicago as a ‘black problem’ because of the murders, black on black murders. There is also a dangerous ‘thug culture’ around the murders revealing a subculture with no value for human life.

Torturing the disabled and putting it on video is common on the Dark Web. Crimes on the dark web were ignored by President Obama. It is suspected this picture is a former City of Chicago worker who tortures the disabled.

Liberals like to call any discussion about black responsibility or lower income responsibility ‘victim blaming’ as if racism is an actual person, a puppeteer, pulling the strings on puppets across a giant cosmic stage. Everything is the fault of the so-called white man which is a weird conceptualization as white makes up for any number of nationalities and is actually different in every country, in terms of who is white and who is not. In England, a mixed race person with a European parent and significant European name, a name which can be traced back to the gentry or nobility, is white. In the United States, all mixed race people are black or are forced to be black. In other countries, being mixed race is a separate minority category by itself.

Who is this oppressive white man, the big they? He certainly does not live in a trailer park in Winchester, Kentucky where you can find people much poorer than people on the South Side of Chicago with no ability for self-uplift for city services but certainly not the rampant killing.

Democrats made a switch starting with the campus left of the 1960s, the left of spoiled baby Bill Ayers who would have been executed for terrorism if his father was not the president of the Illinois Utility Company Commonwealth Edison. Ayers got off because he was a spoiled baby, (not unlike Osama bin Laden who was assed-out of an oil fortune and along with other spoiled rich Arab kids, created Jihadism to shift power by laying waste to the Middle East and Israel as well as New York, because Semitic-semetic Arabs, New York is the same as Israel).  Before the late 1960s, Democrats were New Deal, centered around the policies of FDR which arose out of the great depression, policies such as Social Security which were finally embraced by Trump. This change is documented in a book every conservative should read, Listen Liberal, by Thomas Frank who, as a ‘progressive’, has written the best playbook for Republicans to win the White House and all other branches of government for the next 4 presidential election cycles.

John Lewis made his own bed. I’m not talking about all the 18-year-olds he has probably had sex with on college tours, either.

Americans are angry with what the black political class, those who marched with Dr. King, have made of his legacy. Even King’s children have done nothing to further their father’s legacy and have, instead, made a sort of industry with other’s like Harry Belafonte suing them for their perceived share of the pie.

All that has come of Dr. King, it seems, is the industry of screaming racism and a bevy of no-talents who make money in Hollywood, people like Spike Lee for screaming racism via film or TV for 90 minutes.

Democrats have not gotten a cue from shows such as Blackish or Uncle Buck that people called black, who want to just be called American, have moved on from the spoiled baby John Lewis stance. “My toy! My toy!” Lock hands with Nancy Pelosi, who enslaves Mexican people in her vineyards.

Sanders voters on the left also rejected identity politics. They didn’t get that, either.

So we end up where we always end up with Democrats. “It’s your fault, Republicans”. In the case of Trump, it’s jjust Trump but it will soon be Trump supporters and all individuals with a business who supported Trump would be well advised to buy a gun and protect it as soon Democrats will ramp up the Maoist tactics of the SJWs and Republican business owners will find themselvres targeted as ‘political protest.’

It is your fault, donut shop owner in Grand Rapids, Michigan who voted for Bush and Trump, that a black child was shot on 111th and Michigan on the South Side of Chicago. It is your fault, Republican Mayor Rex Parris of Lancaster, California, that when Congresswoman Robin Kelly’s district began to integrate and her predecessor, Jesse Jackson Jr., accepted most of the former tenants of Chicago’s notorious housing projects, Robert Taylor Homes and Cabrini Green, that the South Suburbs of Chicago, once a haven of working class opportunity, became a giant suburban ghetto. The only thing the area has going for it is no highway with easy access to residential areas where gangs in Chicago can sell drugs.

Parris runs a city, Lancaster, much like the South Suburbs of Chicago but it has become a haven for blacks and Latinos escaping the violence of Los Angles. Imagine that!

America wants to have the conversaiton which involves the questions ‘what went wrong with John Lewis’ and ‘what went wrong with civil rights’ which ulitmately leads to to the difficult question, ‘why didn’t black Americans take

Racism is only one small part of the answer. Well, it’s a big part of the answer in segregated Chicago or Milwaukee which is the white liberal example of the rest of the United States, (liberals also resegregated New York under liberal posing as a Republican Michael Bloomberg). In the rest of the country, it is mostly the following: 1)  self-hatred created by liberal Hollywood and the liberal media putting forth only negative images of black people and images of black people, even upper class black people, with obstinance defiance syndrome 2) a failure to embrace education, a subject sussed out in John McWhorter’s Losing the Race 3) glorification of materialism in black communities instead of waylaid gratification patterns 4) and the big one, an insistance one is not black if they assimilate which causes even middle class blacks to take on ‘pathology over culture.’

Sigmund Freud, in his memoirs, discussed why the poor acted like spoiled children. He opinined, because he first invented psychotherapy to treat the opium-adicted spoiled children of the nuevo riche of the Industrial revolution, is because the poor only see spoiled rich chidlren. They don’t encounter — and this was one of the purposes of desegregation and also Ronald Reagan’s policy on desegregation — upper class or rich people who mimic their parents by working hard and who work early as their parents don’t hand them anything. Anyone who has ever golfed has encountered this sort of kid working as a caddy and even though dad is a millionaire, he or she works so hard in the summer, the designer clothes are bought by their own hard work, at Buffalo Exchange not Nordstrom’s.

Get ready to be blamed for the self-created ills of everyone, especially those in the black ghettos, if you voted for Trump in the next four years. It would be one thing if this was just a political tactic to stop a repeat of what happened in Ronald Reagan’s second term, where more blacks voted for him, (Reagan received 18% of the black vote). Liberals actually believe this, just as a spoiled child has false beliefs about their own predicament and then begins to extend their ‘woe is me’ scenario to other people who cannot pull themselves out of their self-created manure heap.

When blacks  and Latinos who don’t drink the Koolaid get together we call this ‘crabs in a barrel,’ as in crabby, spoiled children using temper tantrums to tilt everything their way and if that doesn’t work, we’ll start dealing drugs and killing people.

by Chamo Ramos Good Girl Gun Club co-Editor


What Good Girl Gun Club Is About

Trump supporters representing the diversity of the movement

Good Girl Gun Club is conservative and independent commentary from people of melanin — POMS — who were part of the Trump revolution and ready to take back America.

Trump’s revolution is most important to communities which do not come from European backgrounds because by giving us hyphens – Mexican-American, Asian-American, African-American even Muslim American – Democrats have created political ghettos to prop up the now defeated Hillary elite.

We are not taught America has been a country of great opportunity,  rather, a place of repression even though, as an example, many Latinos who immigrated here with their indigenous American backgrounds, would be marginalized in their home countries.

Additionally, our communities are naturally conservative. Why? Because in order to get out of poverty one needs a work ethic, sacrifice and, most of all, family. Our two-parent families should be a model for the United States.

For those categorized as black, the organized drug trade run by Democrats so their spoiled children don’t have to buy drugs in their own community, bringing down property values, lessons in not being conservative are all around. This is why many from these communities center themselves around the church. There are also many false stories around these communities. For example, by time people reach their 30s, if you look at the United States, black women have the same college attainment level as white men as single motherhood pushed a generation to get a college education.  Why aren’t they married? The Democrats have engineered the destruction of the black family and jailed the men, creating felonies out of crimes which hurt only the ‘user’, such as buying or selling single cigarettes, to create minimum wage slavery and problems which they use to get votes.

The Democratic party must be destroyed for our true freedom and for everyone else in the United States.

Not only should Hillary Clinton be in jail but so should Barack Obama for corrupting the Federal Government.

Obama is part of what we call the ‘capo class’ in our communities, a political class which hurts us internally in exchange for favors by the Democratic party. These are the people whose children receive affirmative action. The rest of us don’t need it. Our affirmative action was our father’s grounding us for an entire school quarter if we got less than a B or an A in many cases. Our affirmative action was our family.

The word capo comes from the name of the class of Jewish people in the Nazi concentration camps who actually pulled the levers in the gas chambers, killing other Jews. Psychologist Victor Frankl discusses the capo class in his seminal work Man’s Search for Meaning. He describes how Hilter used the capos to obfuscate genocide and the Democrats have done the same. Conservatives comparing Obama to Hitler angered liberals because it was true.

The Trump Train is a revolution, it is taking America back to its ideals. At the dawn of America, blacks and whites lived together, integrated. The Democratic Party built racism in the United States They should pay.

Trump is also out to change foreign policy and we must push the revolution further from the globalism created by the Clinton Davos class. We must support Israel. We must stop the covert support of Jihadism at our Universities in the march to create a global Islamic state which represses the rest of us with no way to topple the elite. We must get rid of the United Nations. It is a place for despots from developing countries to run hedonistically through New York, living in $5000.00 a month apartments while their countrymen starve, literally starve.

One of the reasons the United Nations was constructed was to create a political structure to keep any retribution happening globally against the Democrats for their creation of racism.

We will also expose Obama in full, not with rumors but for the liar that he is. A Kenyan prince, literally, who doesn’t believe in Democracy married to a woman whose father worked against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement.

Our political revolution, the New Conservative Revolution is about illuminating the liberal lies and hopefully, encouraging the Trump administration and Speaker Paul Ryan to put these corrupt people who have set to destroying America in jail.

We are also a place to express pro-Second Amendment sentiment and statistics. The violence in Chicago has created conservatives because black people there want to carry and conceal but if they do illegally, the Obama Army, the Chicago Police, will shoot them. We need a Federal takeover of Chicago with the National Guard standing in for police, especially after the Department of Justice findings.

We are also pro-life. Most blacks and Latinos are pro-life. Abortion is genocide. Its proponents should get the death penalty once Roe v. Wade is overturned including anyone who has ever worked for pro-abortion organizations. We are not anti-birth control but we also believe the best prevention for teen pregnancy is good self-concept and a future for young women with young men of color learning to respect women.

The thug culture promoted by the Obama’s is inherently misogynist.

We are going to be more than news, we are going to be a place for activists to learn tactics. Good Girl Gun Club was founded by both US military Veterans and former Gamaliel Foundation trained organizers. Gamaliel is the organizing institute which gave us Obama and the Democrats next hope, Corey Booker.

We will trash Corey Booker here as well as he is just Obama The Empire Strikes Back. He destroyed Newark and we will tell you how.

Gamaliel — founded by Saul Alinsky — is a slave plantation because it is run by Mike Kruglik and Paul Scully secretly and illegally alongside a nefarious organization called Building One America. This is the organization behind Obama’s suburban poverty plan which plans to litter the suburbs with subsidized housing  in the suburbs, taking the values of suburbs and inflating housing in the cities like Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago, also reseeding segregation, (Democrats cause problems to keep us on the plantation).

We did not have a slave mentality. One of our founders grew up on the South Side of Chicago, in a gang family and knew the solution includes police. We were talking about this and decided it was time, little by little to launch a site which taught Alinsky tactics to the New Conservative Revolution to beat the evil liberals at their own game. This will not only keep President Trump on point but also help us do things such as remove the left wing bias from both our universities and public schools. The Teachers Union is literally filled with Communists who have engineered several uneducated generations in hopes of seeding a communist revolution in the United States.

We don’t condone violence at all here, we have the power of a party and movement that knows how to win, does not like to lose and the American people. However, we’ll give you a trigger warning that when you start coming here, you’re going to want to start punching liberals in the face.

That’s what we’re about. We waited until Trump inauguration week because during the election, Democrats were using local police to silence conservative speech. Our hosting provider even had their servers hacked, illegally.

We apologize for being rudimentary WordPress but we are in the process of tricking Good Girl Gun Club out, make it a community for the Trump Train revolution, the New Conservative Revolution.

Let’s make America great again, together.